Our Vision for a Future of Farming

“Once we are no longer subject to the CAP, the Government has given assurances that farmers will continue to be supported after 2020. We believe that farming should maintain current levels of public investment through this new policy framework, but recognise that in the future this may be delivered in different ways, directly or indirectly to farmers, for instance through fiscal incentives, environmental schemes or ensuring farmers benefit from cutting edge developments in R&D.
They would enhance the productivity and competitiveness of farm businesses, recognise and reward the environmental goods that farmers deliver, and mitigate volatility where it impacts commercial viability. Cattle Goats Chicken and Eggs

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Customers can now reserve their favourite pairs and ensure you don't miss out on our young pairs.
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NATLOGANG BALEMIRULI FARMING (Pty) LTDis a South African farming company is based on production economics; utilizing the natural vegetative resources to attain the highest yield while improving the natural resources over the long term. The selection characteristics for the Boer goat are: meat and pelts of high quality, hardiness and adaptability to extensive and intensive production management, resistance to diseases, fertility and kidding percentage, abundance of milk, longevity and browsing habits. The farmers capitalized on farming goats and cattle simultaneously as they compliment each other and kilograms of meat produced per hectare can be maximized.

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