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Bulls of five British Beef breeds were used on Afrikaner cows
The Bonsmara originates from South Africa, it has been scientifically bred and strictly selected for economical production in extensive cattle grazing in sub-tropical climates. In 1937 it was generally noted that British breeds did not have the required heat tolerance for the sub tropics and that the Afrikaner did not perform as well in terms of calving regularity. Professor Jan Bonsma decided to test different breed combinations at the Messina Livestock Research Station View More
The Brahman breed (also known as Brahma) originated from Bos indicus cattle from India.
The "sacred cattle of India".Three principal strains of Indian cattle were brought to the United States and used in the development of the Brahman breed; the Guzerat, the Nelore and Gir. The Krishna Valley strain was also introduced and used but to a lesser extent. The general similarity of the Guzerat strain to the cattle selected and developed in the USA would indicate that cattlemen working with the breed have generally preferred this type. View More
Nguni cattle derive their name from the black tribes of Africa.
collectively known as the Nguni people. Nguni cattle descend from both Bos taurus and Bos indicus cattle and entered Africa around 8000 years ago. Through natural selection and environmental interaction the cattle evolved into the hardy breed we know today as the Nguni. As the tribes settled in different areas, distinctive cattle ecotypes developed, but are essentially still Ngunis. Only in 1932 did the late Professor HH Curzon make an effort to breed true to type Nguni cattle. View More
Our Holstein cattle are enhanced with the efficiency
Choosing our Holstein makes your Holstein cows more resistant to diseases, improves their reproductive capability and their milk productivity, all at the same time. Extraordinary health, easy calvings, excellent fertility, functional conformation and high production. That Natlogang Balemiruli Farming (Pty) LTD has to offer to boost your herd and increase your profitability. View More

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NATLOGANG BALEMIRULI FARMING (Pty) LTDis a South African farming company is based on production economics; utilizing the natural vegetative resources to attain the highest yield while improving the natural resources over the long term. The selection characteristics for the Boer goat are: meat and pelts of high quality, hardiness and adaptability to extensive and intensive production management, resistance to diseases, fertility and kidding percentage, abundance of milk, longevity and browsing habits. The farmers capitalized on farming goats and cattle simultaneously as they compliment each other and kilograms of meat produced per hectare can be maximized.

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