Our Sheep

We The Best Breeders of Merino and Dorper Sheep!

Our sheep all are taken care, tested and are insured against disease and unforeseen hazards to achieve functional production characteristics. They were selected for rapid growth, enhanced reproductive performance, uniformity in conformation and their adaptability to environmental conditions. Distribution of the sheep population in South Africa is spread in areas where brush is dense and encroaching the grasslands and where the mountainous topography is rough.

The Merino is one of the most historically relevant and economically influential breeds of sheep, much prized for its wool and its meat is also a family favourite.
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The Dorper is a breed of goat originating from South Africa and is the most popular among all people due to their tasty meat.
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Did You Know?

Main Services

  • We strive to provide the very best in healthy and affordable goats for all your occassions.
  • We provide a wide option of bulk egg stocking directly from our farm and we are always looking to expand our business to your area.
  • Our cattle are our crown jewel but not yet our mai focus because we have more customers demanding goats more than cattle due to its affordability
  • Get in touch with us if you are serious about starting your chicken business today and we will help you get started without any headaches.
  • Request a quote for any of our services and products and we will thrown in free shipping if you spend more than R10 000.

Special Services

Customers can now reserve their favourite pairs and ensure you don't miss out on our young pairs.
Existing clients receive 25% off their third purchase and you keep saving when you keep buying directly from our farm.
All our customers qualify for free shipment for large orders over 10, only available for existing customers.